St Bernadette Lifestyle Village was started when Dr Joseph Lee and Dr Belinda Wee noticed a need of a group of seniors, who wished to live in a community and in the vicinity of medical services. These were seniors who wanted to remain active and engaged in their usual activities even with age. The emphasis at St Bernadette’s is really to help seniors keep up with what they normally do- cook, clean, water the plants, wash up- empowering them to live full lives.

Why St Bernadette? St Bernadette was a poor shepherdess who was born in France in 1844. When she was fourteen, she witnessed a series of apparitions of a young woman dressed in white and blue in a grotto called Massabielle. The lady implored her to drink and wash in the muddy waters of the grotto as an act of penance and also of faith. The next day fresh clear water began to flow. Today, the spring is a pilgrimage site for the handicapped and sick, many of whom have testified to the miraculous powers of the healing waters and also of the lady, who identified herself as the ‘immaculate conception’. 69 of these cures have been verified by the Lourdes Medical Bureau. St Bernadette herself also went on to serve the sick as an infirmary assistant.

It is our hope here at St Bernadette Lifestyle Village to be a place where seniors can live restfully and independently, cared for by capable staff who have a deep concern for the seniors.